PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART! – this is creative credo of photogallery RACHMANINOV GARDEN. That is why the main criteria of photo selection are imagery, unique of author’s view, high technique quality.

RACHMANINOV GARDEN – a contemporary exposition space situated in the center of Saint-Petersburg. Since its foundation in 2005, projects are held here non-stop, representing the work of the best photographers in the Northern Capital, Russia and several foreign countries.


The project was held from 2006 till 2012, with the assistance of the Union of Photoartists of Russia. More than 40 masters of photography had shown their works here, reflecting the main directions of development of the Saint- Petersburg art photography at the stated period.

Curator is a Chairman of the Saint-Petersburg branch of the Union of Photoartists of Russia Anatoly Alexandrov. (read more)


This long-term project allows the most demanding connoisseurs of photographic art to see the classics of world photography. Viewers have admired the creativity of Max and Edward Penson, Boris Ignatovich, Arcadiy Shaikhet (Russia), Antanas Sutkus, Romualdas Pozherskis, Vaclav Straukas, Aleksandras Macijauskas (Lithuania), Gunar Binde (Latvia).

Curator is Oksana Kurebina, Chief Executive of the Art- Holding “Rachmaninov”.

Since February 2012 RACHMANINOV GARDEN extends the thematic, geographical and genre palette of exhibitions in an effort to provide the full range of contemporary creative photography.

Photo gallery has a continuously expanding collection of photographic art which is the object of interest to collectors, designers and all those for whom PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART! In agreement with the administration of photogallery you can purchase your favorite photos from the collection or current exhibitions.

The space of photogallery is equipped with everything needed (including the projector ACER PH530 DLP, plasma, SAMSUNG, 200h180sm screen, DVD) for master classes, lectures and round tables.

A unique collection of exhibition catalogs, albums and books about photography is freely available, any copy may be purchased. (section BOOKS)

Finally, a photogallery RACHMANINOV GARDEN is a cozy place where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, use the wi-fi internet.

Additional information:

Photogallery RACHMANINOV GARDEN is part of the art of holding RACHMANINOV, which also includes:


- exhibition space within the hotel;

- Internet edition “ARTWAY.TV”;

- art village in Finland RAJAN LOMA.